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Panther Writing Center - Houston North Fairbanks


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Get started/improve overall writing process

Obtain objective feedback on content and style

Proofread /edit for grammar on drafts

Get citation help

Work on professional documents (ex. Resumes/CVs, cover letters, personal statements)

Find information for your research papers

Locate different articles, books, etc.

Get connected to library services and all we offer


Please contact Janana at for any questions you have.


Study Hacks

1. After writing a paper, copy and paste it on to Google translate, and listen to it to find mistakes.

2. You’re more likely to remember something that you write in blue ink! 

3. Peppermint stimulates the brain and helps with concentration.

4. While studying for a certain subject, pretend that you will have to teach the material to another student.

5. Use to find words that you can’t think of, but can describe.

6. White text with black outline can be read with ANY color background. 

7. Studying hard for 30-50 minutes at a time with 10 minute breaks in between is the most effective way to study.

8. Eating chocolate while studying will help the brain retain information easily. 

9. Writing something out is equivalent to reading it 7 times! 

10. The best time to revisit your notes is soon after class to fill in any gaps.