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Annotated Bibliography : MLA Citation Guide: Step 4


step 4 citations

Pro-Tip!If you include information in your paper that is not original to you -- whether it's directly quoted or paraphrased -- you must include an in-text citation that corresponds to an entry on your Works Cited page!

MLA Resources

MLA Online Guide

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In-Text and Parenthetical Citations

A basic MLA in-text citation includes the author's last name and specific page number.  See examples below:

*Paraphrased:                       The moon is made of green cheese (Smith and Jones 134).

*Paraphrased, author in text: Lunar geologists Smith and Jones agree that the moon is made of green cheese (134).

*Direct quote:                        Experts agree that “the moon is comprised of green cheese” (Smith and Jones 134).

*No author:                            Experts agree that “the moon is comprised of green cheese” (“Moon Analysis”).

*Indirect/secondary citation:  Hausinger’s study reveals the moon is made of green cheese (qtd. in Smith and Jones 134).

Elements of MLA Citation

Author(s). Title of Source. Publication Name, other contributors, number, publisher, publication date, location. Container

        Title, contributors, number, publisher, date, location. Optional access date.

*Note: Some elements may not be used and others might not be available. Just proceed to the next element.

Example 1: Citation for Scholarly Article in Online (Library) Database

​Scarantino, Andrea, and Michael Nielsen. "Voodoo Dolls and Angry Lions: How Emotions Explain Arational Actions." Philsophical Studies, vol

        172,  no. 11, 2015, pp. 2975-2998. Academic Search Complete.

Example 2: Citation for eBook

Behnke, Alison. Up for Sale: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. E-book, Twenty-First Century Books, 2015. EBSCO eBook


*Note: If you know the type of e-book you consulted (ex, Kindle, EPUB, PDF), use that as a “version.” Otherwise just put “e-book.”

Example 3: Citation for Online Periodical (with permalink)

Remnick, Noah. "Yearbook Project Collects Stories of Children Killed in Shootings." The New York Times, 19 June


Example 4: Citation for Video in Online (Library) Database (with URL)

“Starting Over.” Produced by George Osterkamp, Columbia Broadcasting System, 2014. Academic Video Online: Premium,